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Enhance your business with the Acumen Job Management System

The Acumen user base is expanding daily, across a wide range of construction service sectors utilising our Job Management Platform.

Acumen Software Systems demo

Key Features Of Acumen System

Take a look below at some of Acumen System's key features, and see how we can
help your business thrive

Job Management

A no-nonsense user based job management with meaningful information, so you continually have a full overview of your business - giving you peace of mind at the end of your fingertips

Job Costing

Fully drillable, one touch syncing to your accounts job costing – so you can always be sure you’re making money!

Supply Chain Management

One of the most important parts of your business is your supply chain. Allowing them access to the app means they can view their diary, purchase orders, outstanding invoices and any payments due. The system will monitor compliance  to make sure nothing falls overdue.

Site Inspection Documents & Visit Records

With Acumen, you can carry out snagging and site inspection forms live in the job module, you're able to photo and highlight all defects and publish to a PDF report. 

Collect digital sign off via the App from the end client and as evidence for completed works.

SLA’s, KPI’s and Reporting

Ensure that you're meeting your clients service level agreements and report on the key facts relating to all of your jobs

Timesheet Management

Direct team members are able to log their time on site straight into the job - which is verified with location services.

Timesheets are pushed directly into an easy to read reporting format to enable accurate payments, every time.

Sales Performance Monitoring

Automate your sales chasers, and closures of lost projects, report on your clients and priced projects and see live conversion rates.

Location Services

Accurate location services, allowing you to keep track of your suppliers and team members within the working day

Task Automation

Generate and link tasks to state changes, or to key points during a job to each user individually.

Hire Management

One of the biggest expenses for companies, is lost and damaged hire items. With Acumen, when a Purchase Order for initial hire is raised, the hire item becomes available in the live hire reports. Viewable on to the dash of the job owner, you can see who hired, when and when it was returned

Scheduling and Tendering

Acumen allows you to generate consistent quotes which can be generated using a schedule of rates or 'traditional' pricing in labour and materials. The system will allow you to import client tenders or scopes from clients internal systems, breaking them down into labour and materials and even issue individual Purchase orders against each line item.

Accounting Integration

Seamless integration of your current Xero Account for sales invoicing, purchasing and expenses

Sales Invoices

Invoices raised within Acumen are automatically pushed through to xero, if any changes are made to an invoice within Xero or Acumen, one will simultaneously update the other so that all of your information is factual and correct.

Email And Document Importing

Connect your 365 email account to the system, so that when a job reference number is placed into an email subject, Acumen will auto import the emails sent and received including any documents or images attached.

Mapping and Planning

With google maps integrated, you’re able to see the locations of all of your jobs – whether live or in the pipeline -so you can ensure your labour is always allocated efficiently.

Client Specific Workflows

When working in a business-to-business relationship - your client may expect you to follow their workflow. Acumen allows you to adjust the job settings to suit your individual client needs.

Gantt Chart

Plan, organise and have a clear overview of your team and your scheduled jobs on a day to day basis.

Multi-Office and Team Reporting

Set up teams, offices, departments and report to see how they perform. Acumen has a full back end audit trail for all actions made with in the system. Set up user views to teams, a person, office or multiple offices.

Expense Management

No more chasing Trades or providing bulk deliveries of receipts to your accounts team - pictures taken directly from site can be uploaded through the App, allocating to the correct job and automatically pushing through to Xero to be paid to the correct party. You can set authority levels for approving personal and job expenses.

Document Management

Acumen has its own file storage system in each individual job, and also on its main dash for standardised company documents and templates. Permission levels and access rights can be set and sharing file access with certain staff or teams.

Acumen Assist App

Mobile app for your team on the ground. It allows direct labour, subcontractors and suppliers to view their diary of jobs allocated, job photos, drawings. They can also manage timesheet hours, invoices and expenses directly to the app, linking to the desktop app for the office staff.

Digital Sign Offs

Ensure that your customers are always happy with any works completed with digital sign offs from site.

Fleet Management

Ensure that your biggest asset is always protected. Forced weekly van inspections can be installed to make sure that your fleet is being looked after, the way that it should be.

Health and Safety Portal

Use our health and safety module to create RAMS (risk assessments and method statements), log near misses or accidents, or even create a full site health and safety file.


Live WIP Reporting

You will always have a clear overview of your works in progress with our Live WIP reporting. Acumen will calculate all costs incurred to date and push to your P&L, so that you have a clear picture of unbilled costs at all times.

Purchase Order Management

Acumen allows you to generate and store purchase order numbers for materials and supplies linked back to your job. Once receipted, it will push the costs directly into Xero. Your supply chain purchase orders can be sent straight out of the job to the supplier through the app with the attached schedule or line item at agreed costs

Contact Management

When using multiple suppliers, it's very common to forget previous suppliers used, but not anymore. Any supplier or contractor used once is saved into the system - you can even review how they performed previously for other staff.

Notification centres

Alerts for margins, job closures, live hire, overdue asset items, KPI’s and SLA’s.

How can Acumen Job Management System change your every day work life?

The App

Improved Communication and Collaboration: With Acumen Job Management, contractors can have a centralised platform for all communication and collaboration, from project planning to execution. This allows all stakeholders to be on the same page and reduces the chances of miscommunication, mistakes, and delays.


Streamlined Workflows: Acumen Job Management can help streamline workflows and automate many manual tasks, reducing the chances of errors and freeing up time for more important tasks. This can also help contractors respond more quickly to client needs and requests.


Better Client Management: Acumen Job Management allow contractors to have a complete view of their clients, including contact information, project history, and preferences. This can help contractors better understand their clients' needs and tailor their services accordingly.


Improved Supplier Management: With Acumen Job Management, contractors can better manage their suppliers, including tracking deliveries, payments, and communication. This can help improve supplier relationships and reduce the chances of disputes and delays.


Increased Transparency: Acumen Job Management solutions provide a complete view of the project, including schedules, budgets, and progress. This can help increase transparency and accountability, ensuring that projects stay on track and that everyone is working towards the same goals.


Increased Efficiency: With Acumen Job Management, contractors can have a more efficient and organised process for managing their projects, reducing the chances of mistakes and delays. This can help contractors complete their projects on time and within budget, leading to increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

Can’t see a feature you need?

Send us a message and let us know! We run a monthly poll on additional features based on user requests. If the feature is a benefit to more than 10% of our users, we’ll add it to the system!

Set your business up for greater success 

Acumen Software Systems demo desktop
Acumen Software Systems demo tablet
Acumen Software Systems demo phone

The Office: Admin, Finance and Management Teams views, permission and user based access. With optional role based views - finance can see the finance dashboards, fleet and purchasing view, managers can see all, staff can see their own teams.

On the Road: Managers, Surveyors and Project Managers. Full access from a tablet. See the full desktop view to be able to price, report, book and see labour allocations while on the road.

On The Ground: Trade and Subcontractor App  
Empower the workforce - from direct trades logging jobs sign offs, holiday requests, to subcontractors uploading their invoices and pictures of completed works. The workforce are able to review their tasked works and message direct to all members involved in the job in real time. A minimalist app with a simple interface, with functions to assist the trade with use.

If you are managing multiple projects and people - you need Acumen!

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