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The Ultimate Construction Software System & App created for small to medium-sized contractors across the commercial construction sector.

Acumen Assist is a construction job management platform built for contractors who price tenders or generate their own quotes, and work with subcontractors or a direct workforce.


If you're working with..

  • Councils

  • Housing Associations

  • Block Management

  • Planned Maintenance

  • Refurbishment Projects

  • Property Agents

  • Main Contractors 

then Acumen Assist can help you..

  • Manage your time

  • Issue Purchase Orders from a scope

  • Manage your labour

  • Keep track of your retentions

  • Management finances

  • CRM 

AdobeStock_463272486 (1)_edited.jpg

as it helps you monitor..

  • Job Programmes

  • Project Margins

  • Compliance via Notifications

  • Hire and plant Management

  • GPS Monitoring 

  • Budgets 

and assists you in..

  • Tender importing

  • Scoping and Quoting

  • Importing client rates 

  • Breaking down labour and materials 

  • Purchasing 

  • Supplier Selection 


helping you to manage..

  • ​Supplier Compliance 

  • Health and Safety 

  • Site Inspections 

  • Snag and defect reports

  • Document management 

  • Activity notifications 

resulting in..

  • Business certainty

  • Consistent performance

  • Standard operating procedures

  • Repeat business 

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Structure within your business

  • Peace of mind

Set your business up for greater success 
No More:
  • Complicated CRM or Excel Database Systems 

  • Chasing trades for receipts

  • Chasing Timesheets 

  • Being unsure of your numbers

  • Losing the location of your team 

  • Wasting time searching for information 

  • Loosing money due to unclaimed costs 

  • Misplacing correspondence 

  • 'Finger in the air' pricing

  • Double entries on multiple apps and systems 

  • Inconsistent quoting for jobs across different team members

  • Forgetting hire and incurring loss or extra hire charges

  • Trying to manage subcontractors without hand holding 


  • Simplified Job Management - jargon free using only what you need with the simple interface

  • Accurate claimable expenses  - receipts are automated from your phone or tablet to Xero

  • Meticulous quoting using our built in scoping system

  • Precise diary management, so you always know where your team are supposed to be

  • Simplified management of your direct staff, subcontractors and suppliers by allowing them access into the App to view scoped works or requirements, upload invoices, complete time sheets and submit expenses

  • Precise tracking of hire equipment leading to less financial leakage

  • Detailed correspondence monitoring and customer information storage

  • Time saved by only using one app for all of your job management needs 

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